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Michael Cunningham spent several years living and backpack traveling through Europe and Asia.  He returned home to Chicago in 1994 to start a multimedia software company servicing public and private schools all across the US.  Looking to retire from software development, he went back to his love of travel and looked into the vacation rental industry.

His first visit to Manuel Antonio in early 1994 took 6 hours by bus from San Jose on roads that shook you to the bone.  Manuel Antonio wasn’t much more than a handful of hotels and restaurants on a dirt road that could not be accessed when it rained… and of course, a beautiful National Park.  Although Manuel Antonio was difficult to reach, the beauty of Manuel Antonio stayed with him.

He purchased CasaTolteca, his first vacation rental home, in 2005.  That very first year, CasaTolteca became one of the most rented homes in the country and started winning awards.

With such rapid success in the first year, he gained attention from other agencies and home owners in town. VisitMyVilla.com was launched to showcase some of the best homes in town.

Over the years, VisitMyVilla.com has grown by selecting a variety of the finest homes in Manuel Antonio that live up to our high standards.  We have selected different homes of different sizes and amenities to fit the needs of virtually any vacation group.

While we have received many requests to repeat this service for other areas of Costa Rica, we remain focused on the Manuel Antonio area where we can share our many years of expert knowledge and experience.

We are proud of our award winning customer service and that our award winning homes are among the best, most requested, most rented, and most awarded homes in town.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on our website, please contact us at 773-477-3500.