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Relaxing Beaches

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According to the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, and many other travel magazines, Manuel Antonio has some of the finest beaches in the world!


Playa Espadilla
Located at the end of the main road, just before you reach the entrance to the Manuel Antonio National Park.  This large beach is the main public beach in town and stretches from the entrance to the national park at the south and the rocky shores at the north.  The further north you go, the more secluded it becomes.
Playa Playitas
Once you enter the park, there is a large beautiful beach that follows the walking path.
A second, even more beautiful beach is found about 5 minutes into your walk through the park.
Playa Manuel Antonio
Located in the Manuel Antonio National Park, this beach is constantly showing up on everyone’s list as one of the top 10 beaches in the world!
Playa Espadilla Sur
Costa Rica - Oct 2006 - - 69

This is the southern part of large public beach (Playa Espadilla) that continues into the National Park.

Playa Macha

If you are looking for seclusion, try Playa La Macha.  Bring your hiking boots and everything you will need for the day.  This beach is not easy to reach.  You will have to walk down a jungle path that is usually slippery and full of crabs.

Playa Biesanz
This is a popular small beach on the north side of the Maraposa Peninsula.  Named after the United Fruit Company employee that owned the entire peninsula at one point, this beach is quiet with a gentle surf.
Playa Silvia

This rocky beach has a Pre-Columbian Indian turtle trap on the shore.  The ‘trap’ still holds fish and other animals at low tide.