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Getting Married in Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio is a very popular wedding destination.  Weddings can be a simple ceremony or an elaborate event.  Many of our homes are very popular for weddings, receptions, and honeymoons.


Popular Homes


Montemar Estate (14 bedrooms – Sleeps 36)
Villas Vecinos (11 Bedrooms – Sleeps 28)
Villa Celaje (8 bedrooms – Sleeps 18)
Vista Oceana (7 Bedrooms – Sleeps 18)
CasaTolteca (6 Bedrooms – Sleeps 18)
Event Fee
There is usually a small fee for hosting a wedding and/or reception at one of our homes.  This is to cover the extra wear and tear on the house for the added guests.  The fee usually ranges from $300 – $500 for the event.

There are some paperwork requirements for weddings in Costa Rica. You should present the following documentation at least one month in advance of your wedding to ensure a smooth wedding.
     • Full name of Bride and Groom
     • Two copies of each passport (and present original)
     • Birth dates
     • Place of birth
     • Home address
     • Occupation/Profession
     • Father’s full name and nationality
     • Mother’s full maiden name and nationality
     • Parent’s address
     • Marital status (If divorced, they will need a copy of your divorce decree. If divorced for less than 12 months, the bride must authenticate a negative pregnancy test with the nearest Costa Rican consulate.)
     • Two Witnesses (family members can not be witnesses)
    • Witnesses passports and copy of passport
     • Sworn statement that all documentation is correct
     • After the ceremony, a marriage certificate will be signed and registered in Costa Rica and your embassy and then sent to your home town.
Our larger homes can host your reception or you might chose to have the reception at a neighboring restaurant or hotel.  Since these are homes, there are some neighborhood noise restrictions that we must adhere to to respect the neighbors.  If you are planning a full reception with live music that lasts well into the night, we suggest hosting the reception at a restaurant, bar, or hotel.  We can provide some options for you.
If you are going to have a smaller, less rowdy reception, we will be happy to have a reception dinner at our homes.  Our house concierge can arrange for chef services for you.