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Getting to Manuel Antonio


You can reach Manuel Antonio by air or by ground.  By air is much faster, but does get expensive for a large group.  By ground is more economical, but does take longer.


By Air

Nature Air and Sansa both have flights from San Jose to Quepos (next to Manuel Antonio).

Sansa Air
Nature Air

The small airplane ride is a quick 18 minutes in the air from San Jose to Quepos.
It’s easy to book your air transportation from San Jose to Quepos on-line:

Both airlines have similar pricing of about $80 each way per person (discounts for children).

Budget about 2 hours between your arrival in San Jose and your departure to Quepos to allow for time in Immigration, Customs, etc.

We can pick you up at the local Quepos airport to take you to the house just a few minutes away.

By Private Shuttle

We can arrange to have an air-conditioned private shuttle waiting for you as you walk out of the San Jose Airport (or Liberia Airport) and take you directly to our front door in Manuel Antonio.

The ride now takes between 2 to 2.5 hours depending on traffic, weather, and road conditions. You can stop along the way to take pictures, eat lunch, or do a little souvenir shopping.

Please let us know if you would like private ground transportation so we can reserve your shuttle well in advance.

Pricing from San Jose:
1 – 4 passengers…. $170 each way
5 – 8 passengers…. $200 each way
9-20 passengers…. $320 each way

Drive Yourself

The new highway is now open and take only about 2 – 2.5 hours without stopping. But there is no rush, so I recommend you stop along the way to take photos, eat lunch, and see nature.There is a long, two-lane bridge just outside of Orotina. If you want to see the Crocodiles that live below, park BEFORE the bridge and walk 1/2 across the bridge and look straight down. There are always very large crocodiles (as big as 15 feet) living down there.

We can provide you with basic directions to Manuel Antonio / Quepos.