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Chef Services

Chef Services


Our house concierge can arrange for a chef to cook for you for any meal on any day.  Our excellent chefs are available for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at very reasonable rates.

One or two homes in town provide chef services (chef services only… you still have to pay for food).  Having a chef at the house all day is really a waste of your money since virtually every excursion will include a meal; you will want to try some of the great restaurants in town; you will also miss a lunch or two because you will be on the beach or in town; the day of your arrival and the day of your departure usually are too rushed for meals; and, of course, you will always have left-overs.  With having a chef at the home all the time, you end up paying for all those meals that you never eat.  That’s why we recommend just paying for the meals you want (not to mention, having a chef at the house all day takes away from your privacy).

The prices for chef services depend on the home and the chef. Ask us for the pricing for the home you have chosen.